Notes from Haley Studio

Sorry for the long break

Due to some big changes in our house and my life, I haven’t been posting much here or doing much on Etsy.  Alas!  However, I have gotten back to spinning — I took my drop spindle and some fantastic “chili pepper” roving to my in-law’s over the past couple days, and got re-acquainted with the drop spindle.  “Park and spin” seems to work best for me right now.  I do still like the wheel better.  So much faster!

Still lots of projects to do, but now that the Cozies are done (and my serger has been repaired) it’s time to think spring and finish off those picnic napkins I started in the summer!  I can’t do rolled hems anymore (the special foot broke and I can’t get a replacement), but a standard serge will look great with some funky serger threads.

Pictures of chili pepper yarn coming soon!

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