Notes from Haley Studio

They like me, they really like me!

So, even though I haven’t gotten my Phat Fiber box yet, other people have, and they’ve blogged about it!  Of course, not all of them will have one of my samples in their box, but those who have seem to like them.  This makes me feel very good.

The amazing CJ wrote, at

“The dark grey skein is from Haley Studio.  Yeah, Bluefaced Leicester/Lincoln Cross!  This I really like!  Different from what I spin, yet totally to my liking, this yarn would make KILLER socks!  All the merinos, soft fuzzy stuff, and I love REAL wool, you know, the WOOLY stuff.”

Melissa at took some great pictures of the sample she got.  Thanks, Melissa!

Morrighan at also got a sample.  Woo!

Dawning Dreams at got a Shetland sample and wrote, “I really appreciate getting undyed fibers that showcase the beauty animals naturally have.”  I agree!

Minou at got some black Shetland and wrote:

“This is a really nice sample and gives me an idea of how the Shetland fiber I recently ordered might spin up. It’s not a super soft wool, but it reminds me of the sock roving in that it feels durable and elastic. We live in the same city and I never would have known without the box.”

Thanks, Minou!  I look forward to meeting you some time soon!

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