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Craft Swap — a success!

I held a craft swap yesterday, and it was fabulous!  One of the treasures that showed up was a huge box of men’s ties.

So… what to do with them?  My husband found a few to wear.  I picked out a few vintage gems to sell, untouched, at a resale shop.  One friend is making a tie dress — she’s already begun!

My friend Lisa pointed me to — very inspirational!  I especially love the Easter Egg idea, which I had never heard of before!  But, it makes sense — dyes that color silk can color eggs, since they are both protein.  Perhaps I’ll try that out with some of the less-impressive ties.

One thought on “Craft Swap — a success!

  1. Mo Bradley

    I’ve participated in craft swaps before, also. I think it’s a fun and creative way to get art materials. As for your excess of ties, if all else fails, you can make Christmas bows out of them. 🙂