Notes from Haley Studio

Passover Haggadah

I revised our Passover Haggadah this year, and I want to share it with you. It’s traditional in some ways (includes all the parts of the Seder; some Hebrew is included, with transliteration) but also liberal (includes orange on the Seder plate; gender-neutral language for God; Miriam’s Cup; no designated “Leader”).

It prints up on 7 pieces of letter-size paper. First, print Hagaddah-first. Then, WITHOUT changing the page order, simply insert the pages into the printer tray, (with the blank side ready to be printed), and print Hagaddah-second.  It should work!

Then fold in half, wrap with a piece of card stock, and sew it all up (or staple).  Perhaps add some text to the cover or a colorful photograph or magazine picture.

Let me know if you use it!