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Scarf coming… eventually!

I got my Phat Fiber box, and I’ve spun up most of the roving and batts that were included!  You can see nearly everything I got here on my Flickr site.

I took most of the fibers and spun them into this yarn:

Eventually I will wash this yarn and knit it into a skinny scarf so it will look like swatches of lots of different yarns together.

Newly embellished slippers

My husband Erik gave me these slippers several years ago.   They were quite plain, and I would regularly threaten to add sequins.  A year or so I actually did add sequins, which were sewn on top of a felted wool base.  Finally, the thread holding the sequins on just didn’t hold anymore, and they started falling off.  So I decided to create a new design, this time without sequins.  I am very pleased with the result.




New Gallery section launched!

I recently installed Gallery2 and have been adding pictures and customizing the look.  I just made the link live today — click on “gallery” here or in the header!  It’s still a work in progress — I know I need to add more descriptions, better titles, etc, but I really wanted to ditch my old, non-dynamic, table-based format, and I think Gallery2 does a pretty good job.

My birthday present

Today’s my birthday, and I got to open a present from my mother-in-law.  It’s this gorgeous pendant from Jen Maestre!  I really enjoy it.  Jen works with colored pencils and does amazing things with them.

birthday pendant

Fabric Tags

Well, I finally decided to purchase some fabric tags to up the “Branding” aspect of Haley Studio.

And I love them!  They will appear on the newest batch of Cat Head Dolls, matzo covers, and other sewn items.  I think they’d be too large for the Pocket Lovecats though — I don’t want them to look overwhelming.  Click for a larger look.

fabric tags

How to make a bulletin board

As promised, here’s how to make a bulletin board.


  • 1 or more pieces of Homasote (a recycled paper pulp board available at larger hardware stores)
  • fabric larger than the Homasote
  • scissors to cut fabric
  • thin Dacron padding (optional)
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lamp that knits its own shade

LJ’s JWZ (always good for interesting links) pointed me to this one:

Nadine Sterk, Sleeping Beauty, 2006, Design Academy Eindhoven, Atelier.

“A lamp that develops like a living organism: switch it on and it slowly starts growing by knitting its own lampshade at a speed of three rotations per hour.”