Notes from Haley Studio


Phat Fiber Sampler

I’ve decided to be a contributor for the March box of the Phat Fiber Sampler.   I hope to be able to make enough sampl

On the front page!

I’ve got some Valentine’s Day charms at W. Cupcake.  You should check out all the great stuff highlighted on thei

W. Cupcake

Right before Christmas I visited W. Cupcake.  Check out how cute it is! It used to be a nail salon so it has this great mirro

Cat head dolls at W. Cupcake

A new little crafty gift shop has opened on the East side of Madison —  on Winnebago St, just north of the intersection

Sorry for the long break

Due to some big changes in our house and my life, I haven’t been posting much here or doing much on Etsy.  Alas!  Howe


My knitting & sheep-related pins are in a lovely treasury by hmsdesigns.  Thanks! Tweet

New roving

Last weekend’s Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival was great as usual.  I spent all of my budget on a nice selection of r

Yarn in Two Treasuries on Etsy

My Cranberry Bread yarn is in a delicious treasury by MegzyTred. My Blueberry Pie yarn is in a yummy all-yarn-related treasury

My birthday present

Today’s my birthday, and I got to open a present from my mother-in-law.  It’s this gorgeous pendant from Jen Maes

Another treasury

This one features colors I loved as a kid. Check out “Kite Flying and Double Dutch.” And I’m in one! There&#

Treasury West

Tangerine Pie — if that sounds good, check it out! Tweet

100 hearts!

Wow, 100 Etsyans like me!  Thanks, everyone. Tweet