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Craft Swap — a success!

I held a craft swap yesterday, and it was fabulous!  One of the treasures that showed up was a huge box of men’s ties.

So… what to do with them?  My husband found a few to wear.  I picked out a few vintage gems to sell, untouched, at a resale shop.  One friend is making a tie dress — she’s already begun!

My friend Lisa pointed me to — very inspirational!  I especially love the Easter Egg idea, which I had never heard of before!  But, it makes sense — dyes that color silk can color eggs, since they are both protein.  Perhaps I’ll try that out with some of the less-impressive ties.

More dyeing

Last night I decided to use up the rest of the Easter egg dyes — from last year — and made a green batch of Corriedale Cross. It’s pretty pale, but looks nice. I may ply it with the turquoise or some of the new roving… hard to say at this point.  You can see it at the left side of the picture in another post — the one with all the braids.

Late February – busy!

Last week I bought some roving from other Etsy sellers (girlwithasword and lapoli), listed some larger skeins on Etsy (Brown Shetland sport wt. handspun yarn), washed some finished yarn (Bat Wing), dyed some roving (Creamsicle) and decided to try a coil/spiral/knotty little yarn with it — a success, I think; we’ll see after it’s washed.

The gray skies are still a downer, but we had temperatures near 30 degrees F — we have started calling that “warm.”