Notes from Haley Studio


Remember that yarn??

Way back in April — before the Baby — I promised to make that yarn into a scarf. Well, here it is! It’s only

Scarf coming… eventually!

I got my Phat Fiber box, and I’ve spun up most of the roving and batts that were included!  You can see nearly everythi

They like me, they really like me!

So, even though I haven’t gotten my Phat Fiber box yet, other people have, and they’ve blogged about it!  Of cour

Lots of new yarn listings on Etsy today

In anticipation of my coupon making it to Phat Fiber’s secret sale page, as well as my samples arriving all over the wor

Samples have been submitted!

My samples for the March Phat Fiber box have been sent! Here’s a visual preview — you can read all about them too.

Newly embellished slippers

My husband Erik gave me these slippers several years ago.   They were quite plain, and I would regularly threaten to add seq

More about Phat Fiber samples

If you are lucky enough to purchase a Phat Fiber sample box for March, you will see my Shetland and BFL/Lincoln mini-skeins (a

Phat Fiber Sampler

I’ve decided to be a contributor for the March box of the Phat Fiber Sampler.   I hope to be able to make enough sampl

New bench cushion

So, the big news is that I’m going to have a baby.  Pretty soon.  Like, early May.  In preparation for that, I’

Gorgeous yarn

I just finished spinning this roving and I must say it was a pleasure to work with.  Maybe 2 pieces of dirt and just a few sn

Cat head dolls at W. Cupcake

A new little crafty gift shop has opened on the East side of Madison —  on Winnebago St, just north of the intersection

Sorry for the long break

Due to some big changes in our house and my life, I haven’t been posting much here or doing much on Etsy.  Alas!  Howe