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Cat head dolls at W. Cupcake

A new little crafty gift shop has opened on the East side of Madison —  on Winnebago St, just north of the intersection with Atwood.  It’s called “W. Cupcake” and is run by a lovely woman named Allison.  She has purchased a few of the Cat head dolls — so now I have only 3 left in stock!  I’d better get sewing again quickly!

Photos of the very cute shop coming soon.

I also have an order out through Etsy for some custom-color dolls… Eeps!  I certainly know what’ll be on my project desk next.

New Confidential Cozies at A Woman’s Touch

Round 3 of my Confidential Cozies is now available!  This group shares a general “blue” theme.  Most have a 100% cotton outer layer, with 100% polyester inner layer.  All have ribbon drawstrings and funky button closures.

Confidential Cozies - Blue fabrics

Check them out in person at the Gateway Mall on Williamson Street in Madison, Wisconsin.

Confidential Cozies - polyester linings

Third set of Confidential Cozies

Until my serger conked out on me (grrr…) I was doing great on the 3rd set of Cozies.  This set is all shades of blues (with some purples, grays, and greens) on the outside, in a variety of fabrics.  Inside it’s all polyester satin (so smooth… so hard to work with sometimes) in rich solid tones of blues, purple and green.

Pics to come when they’re really done.  Unfortunately it’ll take another few weeks until the serger is  repaired.

New bulletin boards

I was very excited to create a better bulletin board for my sewing area in my studio.  I found this stuff called Homasote at the hardware store, which is apparently not a great insulator, but makes a lovely dart-board or bulletin board.  And it’s really cheap (I paid about $5.50 for a 2′ x 4′ piece), not too heavy, and made of recycled paper!

Pictures and tutorial about how to make your own bulletin board coming soon!


Heather at Commotion! was kind enough to send a couple of pictures of my kitties on display at her shop. So if you’re ever in Lexington, Kentucky, go find Commotion! on 214 W.Maxwell St.  She has more (and better) pictures of her shop too.

commotion storefront small cat head pic

cat heads on display

Matzoh covers in progress

I started work on my matzo covers. It’s going pretty well! Click on any picture to see it larger on my Flickr site. Soon these will be done and up on Etsy.
: now up!  Although Easter is early this year, Passover is not.

Letters cut out with Heat n Bond attached
Letters on a sample cover