Notes from Haley Studio


Enid Williams

Web developer, quilter and textile artist.

Since 1995 I have been working with cloth. In 2002 I entered the textile design department at UW-Madison to earn a second bachelor’s degree, which I completed in the summer of 2005. The work in the portfolio includes school projects as well as work done on my own.

I started spinning in the fall of 2007 after visiting the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival with some fiber-loving friends. They convinced me to buy a drop spindle and some fiber, and I was later gifted with my own spinning wheel! When I outgrew it, I bought my current wheel. My Etsy shop supports my fiber habit. You can see my latest listings on the left.

I love weaving, although I’ve neglected it in favor of spinning for a while now. I made a yarn calculator which can help you determine how much yarn is required for a weaving project.  I just sold my giant amazing loom to create more studio space, and promptly picked up a small table loom to fill that loom-shaped hole in my life.