Notes from Haley Studio


Today I edited this site’s front page, adding links to Facebook and Ravelry. I realized I hadn’t updated my Ravelry queue in a while — so I did that too. I’m currently working on the scarf seen above. It’s about 6 inches wide, and will eventually be about twice as long as it is now. It’s a pretty easy pattern, and it’s helping me become an expert in kfb (a method of increasing stitches, by knitting into the same stitch twice).

Since I last posted, my daughter Kalena celebrated her first birthday! We had a very nice time in a local park.

Coming up in July, I’ll be attending my 20th high school reunion. I’m leaving my daughter overnight for the first time! I can’t believe it’s taken more than a year for this to happen, but in truth I haven’t had any compelling reason to travel anywhere yet this year. I look forward to the trip, but I know I’ll miss her and my husband.

Also since I posted last, the summer issue of Knitcircus Magazine has gone live! We also recently launched the Pattern Shop — now you can purchase selected individual patterns after the issue is retired.