Notes from Haley Studio

Water spout from milk jug

The bottom of the jug fits over the faucet. The former handle is now the extended spout.

I joined Pinterest recently.  I was inspired by several posts describing creative uses for milk jugs.  I tried out a few ideas I saw — a sturdy lidded box (like for sandwiches), a scoop which doubles as a bath-toy holder, and a just plain box (great for holding rocks).  I also saw a great little plastic water spout to help little kids wash their hands (I am linking because it really does look like a nice product).  One night the two concepts combined in my mind, and I decided to make my own spout out of a milk jug.  Here’s what I did.

First, clean your milk jug, and empty it out well.  This may seem obvious, but as you’re cutting up your milk jug and turning it this way and that, dumping sour milk on yourself is more likely than you may think.

Next, start cutting right about where the top of the handle meets the top of the jug.  Veer away from the handle quickly, heading for the vertical edges to each side.  Cut all the way down to the bottom of the jug, and then cut the diagonal line on the bottom of your jug, connecting those two corners.

Little hands can reach the water.

Then, cut through the handle at an angle (see picture) and trim the top portion of the jug above the handle.

Bring the spout to your sink, and figure out where you want it to rest.  Cut through the bottom of the jug in an asterisk (*) fashion, creating a space for the faucet to poke through.  You may want to cut off a few of the points a little bit if there doesn’t seem to be enough room for the faucet.  Play around with it!  You may also decide to cut down the sides somewhat.  Test it out with your particular desired water flow.


“I can do it myself.”