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I have joined the masses

I now have a twitter account: @HaleyStudio.  I’ve customized the look to match this blog, tweeted a bit, and I’m following a few folks.  Got any good yarny/fiber/just-plain-fun recommendations?  Let me know!  See sidebar at right for my tweets. Now I just have to figure out how to use each particular platform.  I get confused.

Passover Haggadah

I revised our Passover Haggadah this year, and I want to share it with you. It’s traditional in some ways (includes all the parts of the Seder; some Hebrew is included, with transliteration) but also liberal (includes orange on the Seder plate; gender-neutral language for God; Miriam’s Cup; no designated “Leader”).

It prints up on 7 pieces of letter-size paper. First, print Hagaddah-first. Then, WITHOUT changing the page order, simply insert the pages into the printer tray, (with the blank side ready to be printed), and print Hagaddah-second.  It should work!

Then fold in half, wrap with a piece of card stock, and sew it all up (or staple).  Perhaps add some text to the cover or a colorful photograph or magazine picture.

Let me know if you use it!

My Cuban Story

My Cuban Story I’d like to introduce you to my latest website launch, My Cuban Story. It promotes the new Paperback and Kindle book, My Cuban Story, by Vic Cabrera.

I worked directly with the author to create this tropical, easy to read customized theme in WordPress.  I’d love for my readers to check out the Forum — it needs to get some conversations started! I also converted the book from Word format to Kindle — a first for me.  It wasn’t too tricky, but I’m sure there are some functions that I missed out on utilizing.  Let me know with a comment if you would like to share any hints!  While editing the book, I really enjoyed reading the story.  I hope you check it out too.

Craft Swap — a success!

I held a craft swap yesterday, and it was fabulous!  One of the treasures that showed up was a huge box of men’s ties.

So… what to do with them?  My husband found a few to wear.  I picked out a few vintage gems to sell, untouched, at a resale shop.  One friend is making a tie dress — she’s already begun!

My friend Lisa pointed me to — very inspirational!  I especially love the Easter Egg idea, which I had never heard of before!  But, it makes sense — dyes that color silk can color eggs, since they are both protein.  Perhaps I’ll try that out with some of the less-impressive ties.

Need a trivet?

Rachel at Studio Wisco is featuring my cork trivets today! Thanks, Rachel!

The picture doesn’t show it, but one side of these trivets now features a silver crow silhouette. Snazzy.

Cupcakes and Crafts – preview

We’ve got quite a talented bunch of artists in the upcoming craft show (see top post). Here’s some of the work you can expect to see!

haleystudio (that’s me)

Facebook custom link

I just secured for my Haley Studio fan page. Go to to learn how to get your own custom address!

I have a fan!

Well, actually, on Facebook I have several dozen fans.  But, I have a new and special fan.  Her name is Betz, her site is and she has a little daughter and a baby on the way.  She likes the old-fashioned things in life and likes to learn how to make things herself.  And she likes my yarn!  Unprompted by me, she found my Etsy site and put an ad for it on her page.  So cool!  So, thanks Betz, I look forward to reading more of your posts.  I enjoy the city life but maybe I’ll visit your farm some day.