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Phat Fiber Sampler

I’ve decided to be a contributor for the March box of the Phat Fiber Sampler.   I hope to be able to make enough samples by the deadline in order to get my own box!  The people who buy the samplers are really into yarns and fibers, so I think it is a good investment of my time and fiber.

I am glad to be part of the great group of artists who are part of this project.  Make sure to check out the blog — there are lots of great giveaways every week!

Gorgeous yarn

I just finished spinning this roving and I must say it was a pleasure to work with.  Maybe 2 pieces of dirt and just a few snarls (as expected since I’ve had it a while)  I haven’t worked with a silk/wool/milk protein blend before, but I’d like to again!  I still need to wash the resulting yarn, but I promise pictures soon.

Sorry for the long break

Due to some big changes in our house and my life, I haven’t been posting much here or doing much on Etsy.  Alas!  However, I have gotten back to spinning — I took my drop spindle and some fantastic “chili pepper” roving to my in-law’s over the past couple days, and got re-acquainted with the drop spindle.  “Park and spin” seems to work best for me right now.  I do still like the wheel better.  So much faster!

Still lots of projects to do, but now that the Cozies are done (and my serger has been repaired) it’s time to think spring and finish off those picnic napkins I started in the summer!  I can’t do rolled hems anymore (the special foot broke and I can’t get a replacement), but a standard serge will look great with some funky serger threads.

Pictures of chili pepper yarn coming soon!

New roving

Last weekend’s Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival was great as usual.  I spent all of my budget on a nice selection of roving: click for bigger pictures!

Natural color Shetland wool

Border Leicester, silk, mohair, alpaca blend

Merino/Alpaca 70/30 blend

wool/seacell 70/30 blend

Milk protein, silk, and wool blend

Spinning in progress

This is the “Lollipop” colorway I got through Etsy. I bought two bumps, but they are quite different. This one is more red, while the other is more purple. They both have occasional flashes of neon green. I wanted to ply them together, but I think they are too different from each other.  Oh well.


My spinning corner

IMG_3198 This is the corner of our living room where I sit and spin! The stereo lives on the shelves along with my niddy-noddy, extra bobbins, and tags. I have my back to the wall and a good straight chair to sit in.

New Roving is in!

The roving I ordered last week has arrived. The roving from Lapoli had really cute little tags and came in beautiful braids. The roving from Girlwithasword included a small soap and bath salt packet (the owner runs an herb shop as well), and was washed with a scented soap. I decided to put that roving into braids too — it looked so cute that way! I haven’t started spinning it yet, as I am still finishing up the Creamsicle run. Plus it all looks great hanging up in the living room!


Late February – busy!

Last week I bought some roving from other Etsy sellers (girlwithasword and lapoli), listed some larger skeins on Etsy (Brown Shetland sport wt. handspun yarn), washed some finished yarn (Bat Wing), dyed some roving (Creamsicle) and decided to try a coil/spiral/knotty little yarn with it — a success, I think; we’ll see after it’s washed.

The gray skies are still a downer, but we had temperatures near 30 degrees F — we have started calling that “warm.”